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Second items include products that may have minor and superficial flaws that do not impact the integrity or function of the product. Examples of minor irregularities that may occur on second items include:

  • Natural inconsistencies in the leather's surface such as light creases or wrinkles
  • Tiny dings or scratches that occur during handling or shipping
  • Very minor color inconsistencies on the interior or exterior side of leather
  • Imperfect edge painting

Please note that second items are brand new and unused items, they simply have not passed our strict quality control standards during production because of a minor superficial flaw.


Overstock items include brand new products that we can no longer sell because they have been discontinued from production as we moved away from seasonal styles and/or colors. Please note that overstock items are brand new and unused items, they are priced slightly higher because they have passed our strict quality control standards.

*Note that not all styles have both options available. If the option appears grayed out, it means it is unavailable.